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I Specialize in Digital Health, Health IT and Medical Technology

I believe that empathy and a life-centered approach drive meaningful public health and healthcare services as well as powerful digital health experiences. 

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Elham Ali, MPH, PMP

When I was an EMT, I witnessed the health disparities and racial inequities that my patients faced while accessing healthcare services and products. I transitioned to public health to close these gaps.

I have over 8 years of experience in design research, project and product management, and UX strategy. 

I've collaborated with government agencies, enterprises, and startups to develop innovative solutions in HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, obesity, and substance use disorders.


My process is based on design thinking, informed by health behavior theories, social determinants of health, and trauma-informed care.

In user research, I bring a mixed-methods research approach by creating a research roadmap and developing a knowledge repository. I’ve designed research studies with a qualitative approach including remote interviews, usability testing, and ethnographies. I analyze data using multiple methods, including applied inferential statistics, segmentation and cluster analysis, MaxDiff, TURF, Kano Analysis, factor analysis, crosstab reports, open-ended text analysis, and conjoint analysis.


In UX design, I lead design sprints and design thinking workshops that will assess the viability of new ideas and help them understand, envision, and articulate a plan to engage key stakeholders. I also create personas, journey maps, and service blueprints to reimagine better product and service delivery. I co-create pilots to test ideas with minimal up-front investment and appropriate risk controls.


As a project management professional (PMP), I’ve used agile and waterfall project management best practices in scope management, critical path scheduling, work breakdown structures (WBS), and budget planning. I’ve successfully led a $50B publicly-traded rebranding merger and acquisition project.

I believe in actively listening, empathizing, delivering evidence-based work, fostering psychological safety, and maintaining flexibility to wear many different hats.


Qualitative & Quantitative Research,

UX Design, 

Strategic Planning & Project Management

Selected Clients

- Tyson Foods

- Nestle

- Stockpile

- Avocado Green Mattress

- US Digital Response

- New York State DoH

- Boston Scientific

- Bureau Veritas

- ICAP at Columbia

- Partners in Health

- Columbia University

- Calico Cottage

- AmCham Bahrain

- United Vein Centers