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About Elham Ali, MPH, PMP

My dad is from a generation of farmers and fishers in Bahrain. I grew up with my parents involved in buying fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers' markets and building relationships with fishmongers in our town. Throughout the years, I watched as families and friends did not have access to healthy and nutritious food. As a consequence, many in my social circle have suffered from diabetes, obesity, and breast cancer. They felt hopeless and alone. 


Today, I work in food systems and nutrition security. I impact food insecurity and diet-related diseases by designing and evaluating school-based interventions, hydroponic farming, and anti-racist gardening curriculums that produce locally and sustainably-grown produce for food apartheid communities and build health equity. This is what drives me.

I have a decade of experience in research and evaluation, human-centered design, writing, health literacy and communication, and project management. I’ve collaborated with local and state governments, nonprofits, coalitions, foundations, enterprises, and startups to research, design, and launch innovative solutions for HIV, substance use disorders, COVID-19 vaccination, and testing, value-based care, and others. Some of my proudest achievements:


My process is rooted in anti-racism and intersectionality, driven by human-centered design, implementation science, systems thinking, community-based participatory research, and trauma-informed care. I live by deeply listening, empathizing, delivering efficient and evidence-based work, fostering psychological safety, and being flexible.

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