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Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas North America (BVNA) is a division of Bureau Veritas, a $50B publicly-traded company in inspection and testing that is based in Paris, France. BVNA provides solutions in quality, health and safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility. In its CSR strategy, Bureau Veritas has pledged to act in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Every month, BV explores how to contribute to one of the SDGs.


Project Management, UI Design


Marketri, LLC

Bureau Veritas



New BVNA Website

Acting as the senior project manager with Marketric, a high-growth marketing firm, I was tasked to lead a large merger and acquisition, rebranding six acquired companies. Through our design thinking process, I discovered opportunities to unite multiple stakeholder needs and redefine brand style requirements. This resulted in our timely delivery of 500+ rebranded collateral, a unified website with 300+ services, and strategic communication plans.

"Elham was exceptional in every way. Her project management is a 10 out of 10. Her communication is the same. She managed a highly complex project and made it look easy and it was not. She always had a positive attitude and kept her cool even during highly stressful periods in the project. Her team loved her. She represented Marketri so very well and I'm grateful. The project was on-time, on-budget and very profitable! Thank you Elham!!"

- Debra Andrews, President & Owner of Marketri


When I entered the project, which was at its infancy, my process:

  • Initiated with a project audit to resolve delayed delivery of project assets and misalignment of stakeholder expectation and communication

  • Highlighted a framework of both design thinking and waterfall methodology, where I focused on stakeholder needs and success metrics

  • Realigned team format, hired new talent, and created a successful design delivery process

  • Used project management tools such as Teamwork to highlight the project schedule in Gantt charts to weekly management meetings

  • Collaborated with a technical team in France to deliver wireframes based on the new brand identity and design system and the final prototype

Digital identity.png


Leading a large merger and acquisition rebranding project challenged me in my practice of enterprise design thinking. With the high number of stakeholders involved, I learned to design for transparency, which reduced communication barriers among all acquired companies. I also created a balance with a voice in our rebranded collateral that mirrored the needs of each company's mission and maintained the parent company's brand style.


My meticulous documentation and quality assurance process enabled my team to deliver user-centric designs that are honest and trust-worthy. Bureau Veritas North America has launched its successful rebrand in 2019.