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Calico Cottage

Calico Cottage is a large fudge distributor based in New York. With over 50 years of experience, the company has helped thousands of retailers achieve success with a unique, in-store fudge-making program that generates high inventory turns, superior sales volume, and significant profits. Calico provides retailers with personalized fudge, hands-on training, quality ingredients, and seasonal recipes.


Enterprise UX Strategy, UX Audit, UI Design


Calico Cottage, Inc, Conduit Inc




Tasked to take part in a digital transformation, I aimed to solve the challenge of designing an internal knowledge base that increased internal staff collaboration, communication, and productivity levels. My efforts resulted in my team developing a UX strategy and MVP knowledge base that houses business processes information, collaboration features, communication integrations, and how-to work guides.​

"Elham provided us an excellent UX Audit of our Zendesk Knowledge Base that enabled us to better frame the project migration into Confluence. We appreciated her attention to detail and the process she implemented. Elham quickly became a wonderful addition to our team providing excellent technical support and project management to build a knowledge base for our client. She was dedicated to solving our client's problems and offered support above and beyond what was expected. We greatly appreciate all of her hard work and commitment and look forward to working together again in the future."

- Alexandra Lloyd, Content Developer at Conduit Business Consulting


  • Created and modified an enterprise UX workflow to the needs of the client

  • Executed a UX audit on the company's existing internal knowledge base  

  • Interviewed C-suite managers to learn about their needs and discussed risks for a new knowledge base migration tech stage and the application of a new UX strategy

  • Discovered four themes that are important to employees in the knowledge base, which are collaboration, communication, information sharing, and business processes.

  • Designed and developed a new knowledge base from Zendesk to Confluence with 120+ content types  

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Product roadmap.png


Designing UX in an enterprise environment presented a plethora of opportunities. My audit challenged me to brainstorm solutions for accessing employees, the end-users, using focus groups with management. My interactive prototypes and user research allowed us to build trust incrementally, and therefore break silos. Scaling our design as the company scales was important to us. I set up reflexive processes such as commenting features and monitoring analytics dashboard to allow the system to adapt over time based on feedback loops that monitor staff wellness metrics.

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