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Healthcare Ready

Writing multilingual patient and clinician brochures to educate on Monoclonal antibodies therapy as a COVID-19 treatment.

Published website content and flyers on Healthcare Ready and printed in partner COVID-19 testing sites.


Healthcare Ready is a nonprofit organization that works on healthcare supply chains and disaster preparedness and response. They were working with the HHS, Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR), and representatives of the private sector to amplify awareness of monoclonal antibodies as an early treatment of COVID-19 to prevent severe COVID 19 outcomes. In addition, Healthcare Ready wanted to distribute plain language flyers in partner COVID-19 testing sites about this effective FDA-approved, under Emergency Use Authorization, to prevent deaths in communities at risk for COVID-19.



As a user researcher and advisor, I collaborated with a project manager, experience designer, and content strategist team. My work included:

  • Scoping the project to define the deliverables, schedule, scope of work, risks, dependencies, and team formation

  • Coordinating and conducting concept testing for the draft education flyers with a panel of patients and clinicians. Some critical needs from the research included reproducibility, mental models, value-concordant messaging from trusted messengers, personal stories, trust, plain language, and teach-back.

  • Forming research insights and converting them to actionable design and content recommendations.

  • Copyediting and proofing flyers and website content in Figma to ensure accuracy, consistency, and appropriate style with FDA regulation, health literacy, and plain language guidelines.

  • Translating patient education brochures in Tagalog and Arabic.

  • Advising on Google Analytics event tracking.


In six weeks, my team and I published the following multilingual health communication for patients and clinicians, accessible to the public and distributed in p to various partner COVID-19 testing sites nationwide: 

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