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New York State Department of Health

AIDS Institute

The AIDS Institute protects and promotes the health of New York State’s diverse population through disease surveillance and the provision of quality prevention, health care, and support services for those impacted by HIV, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, viral hepatitis, and related health concerns.


Strategic Planning, Project Management, UX/UI Design





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As a Digital Health Consultant, I collaborated with the Digital Health Team at the AID Institute (AI), focusing on quantifying the social media experience of HIV-affected youth who are using AI's HIV management mobile application.

I was also tasked with leading various statewide events and a $1.6M RFP renewal for a statewide clinical education program that impacts 18,000 physicians in HIV/AIDS aligned with Ending the Epidemic (ETE) goals.


  • Applied a waterfall-based approach to sequence work-based structures for a portfolio of six projects including planning for statewide events

  • Leveraged the Theory of Change and Logic Models to evaluate AI's social media's campaigns in response to Y Get It's mobile application

  • Designed the UI of the web-based landing page for Y Get It and transformed it over the next two years to increase user engagement in entertainment-education with a new brand style guide

  • Audited mobile app functionalities and user experience using design thinkings

  • Reviewed past RFA's and provided strategic recommendations based on the state budget, funding, and target recipients



My program evaluation efforts and processes I set in place has supported the AIDS Institute to successfully renew the $1.6M statewide Clinical Education Institute. It also influenced future work finding including AI's March 2020 publication YGetIt? Project: Using Social Media to Do What You Need to Do. The newly re-designed website launched in December 2020.