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Occgen is a healthtech startup that aims to rapidly design, develop, and deploy high-frequency employee health monitoring solutions to keep people and their places of work safe. They are developing a new kind of COVID–19 health monitoring infrastructure to enable employers to affordably test every worker and get rapid results 3x per week, every week, to help maintain a safe work environment.


Design Sprint Facilitation, Product Strategy, UI Design


Occgen, Inc



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Senior management of Occgen wanted to quantify the opportunity to implement high-frequency high-volume rapid Covid-19 testing in the workplace for improved worker productivity and better occupational health outcomes.

As their Design Spring Facilitator, I led them through a traditional five-day process to reimagine how to solve for the common pain points of employees in managing, responding, and preventing positive Covid-19 cases.



My process to work with Occgen's Founders for their product discovery:

  • Applied Google's Design Sprint framework

  • Created a logic model, CDC's evaluation process for prevention

  • Worked with the CTO to identify the desired metrics to inform design for product-market fit such as acquisition

  • Used Mural as the key driver to collaborate with a remote team

  • Discussed technical limitation and product development to operationalize post sprint


Occgen has used the assets from the Design Sprint for investor discussions, including an NIH grant for small businesses valued at $25k for innovative digital health solutions.

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