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Peacefully is a startup based in Los Angeles that aims to streamline all end of life tasks from closing bank accounts to notifying social security benefits. Currently surviving loved ones and caregivers spend over 500 hours navigating post-death tasks. On average, families can spend up to $12,000 in managing their loved one's estate​. Family conflicts arise out of this sensitive time.


UX/UI Design, Product Development


Peacefully, Inc



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Acting as the CTO with my human-centered design process, I uncovered key pain points in the caregiver journey after the death of their loved one and solved for simplifying their end-of-life tasks. As a result, I designed interactive prototypes and launched a post-death task management app that captures the caregiver's needs in a survey and delivered a customized checklist with a marketplace of partnerships such as insurance

Peacefully won the award of Most Innovative Idea at End Well Conference 2018. 


"Peacefully made it easy to get my siblings to help by giving them tasks to do. It really took the burden off of me."

- Joe M., Verified user, 6/05/2019



  • Focused on building a hypothesis, with a research question on the caregiver's journey post the death of a loved one

  • Applied the five steps for design thinking

  • Conducted qualitative research such as 100+ key informant interviews with pain points from compassion fatigue to psychological safety

  • Created a product strategy and roadmap that customer-focused with user themes

  • Used Sketch and Invision to demonstrate to investors an alpha prototype

  • Led a distributed engineering team to develop the MVP and launch to market

Designing for a re-imagined post-death experience was humbling. Throughout my process, I learned to design for simplicity, which reduced caregivers' cognitive overload about next steps while grieving. I also redesigned the checkout experience, offering it in a freemium model to reduce the pain perception of finances after a death. My marketplace design allowed me to tap into the potential of connection, guiding the caregivers of resources from insurance to mental health services. Customers have reported improved wellbeing, decreased stress levels, and ease of app use.

In its first month of launch, Peacefully acquired 200 users ranging from caregivers to funeral homes. It has since been accepted to OnRamp Insurance Accelerator with $100k+ investment.