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Building Resilience in Times of Crisis: Highlights from One Year of USDR’s Health Program

USDR’s health program began near the end of the second COVID-19 surge in the United States (Sept. 2020), before vaccines had been approved, and participated in the rollout for the full vaccination of roughly 163M Americans (Aug 2021).

The program brought together sustained staff, including Raph Lee, Alex Allain, Mike Flowers, Diana Wang, Rob Brackett, Elham Ali, & Jan Overgoor as our Program Leads, Advisor, and Technologists in Residence, along with numerous volunteers who selflessly deployed on individual projects. In addition, many volunteers stepped up to coordinate across multiple partners & support program operations, and a collection of generous supporters enabled us to offer this support countrywide.

🎉🎉🎉 To date, the Health Program deployed >75 volunteers across all projects!

Here's an article that summarizes the contributions of the health program, including the work I did on health equity, design, and research with local and state governments: