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Hack4Equity Georgia 1st Prize Winner for Building Community-based Equity

A 1st prize winner at Hack4Equity. Jumana Care is a community-based app for Black mothers in Georgia to match with certified doulas.


I defined a problem space in maternal health in maternity deserts in Georgia with a solution called Jumana Care. I also onboarded a team to design this solution for Hack4Equity, Health equity for Georgia’s black mothers. I was responsible with aligning the team on understanding the problem, defining the business model, and strategically identifying opportunities to impact social determinants of health from a socioecological model.

About Jumana Care

Jumana Care is a community-based app for Black mothers in Georgia to be matched with certified doulas, join group prenatal sessions, document their feelings throughout their pregnancy, and find social resources like childcare and transportation.

To bridge communication gaps between clinicians and expectant individuals, the app integrates with electronic health records, offering providers vital patient insights like their health literacy level.

Jumana Care helps women have safer pregnancies and feel empowered.

Jumana Care won 1st place for the track Building Community-based Equity during the Hack4Equity Georgia hackathon on September 26th, 2021.

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Thank you to the hard work of our teammembers. We're grateful for your expertise in experience design, research, public health strategy, content strategy, marketing, branding, and project management.

  • Amrita Shankar

  • Chanel Conigan

  • Elham Ali

  • Justine Leach

  • Nadia Kim

  • Hack4Equity Organizers, event sponsors, judges, and our coaches!

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