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Health Equity Toolkit

This happy hour we'll take a look at the Health Program's Health Equity Toolkit. Elham Ali, Design Lead for the Health Program, will lead a workshop style session with a real life example from the health program's work understanding the needs of a county partner and how the toolkit was used to meet those needs.

During this happy hour you will learn about a health equity framework to apply to your projects. In the workshop section of the event (depending on size of group), we will go into breakout rooms to apply principles from the framework to your projects to expand on equity-based design and research.

Or text your zip code or your city and state (separated by a comma) to 1-855-917-5263 and the bot will respond with the names of the Native lands that correspond to that region. (The service currently only works for US residents, but may be available for other countries in the future). Learn more here:

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