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Introduction to Mixed Methods Research for UX Researchers

Combining qualitative and quantitative research approaches helps researchers understand a problem better to design a better solution.

In this introductory and interactive event, you will learn a framework to design and analyze a mixed methods research project and create a proposal, using qualitative and quantitative methods. Remove the guesswork about how to sequence your qual-quant work, define your outputs ahead of time, and craft a compelling research playbook.

Video Chapters:

0:00 Introduction

3:53 Disclaimer

6:23 What YOU are thinking

7:09 What YOUR STAKEHOLDER is thinking

8:15 What is mixed methods research?

11:59 Overview of Qualitative and quantitative research

16:39 Framework to design a mixed methods research project

24:54 Sequence to design a mixed methods research project

26:19 Mixed methods design diagrams and practical examples

37:03 Challenges in conducting MMR

42:12 Q&A

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