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TechLadies: 5 Project Management Hacks

In collaboration with TechLadies, I led a webinar on project management hacks and lessons learned. Over 150+ people attended the webinar.


Most moments and events in our lives are by definition a project. From planning a wedding to cooking a meal, we have to initiate a project, plan for it, and execute it. Similarly in our professional lives, we all want to deliver our projects successfully, while managing client expectations, setting company goals, and maximizing team productivity. In this webinar you will learn 5 valuable pieces of advice from a project manager who has already gone through her own “trial by fire” working with startups and enterprise-level companies. You can apply these hacks across all industries, team settings, and work environments. Learning objectives:

  • Gain confidence in defining, planning, and managing projects

  • Reduce stress and project workload burnout

  • Increase effectiveness with simple processes of project management

  • Foster a user-centric approach to communicate to teams

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