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I develop anti-racist, just, and resilient food systems with organizations to reimagine a hungry-free, healthy, and empowered generation. My focus areas are in food systems, food insecurity, nutrition security, hunger, and farm-to-school nutrition.

Experience Research & Program Evaluation


Often research and evaluation are the last things organizations consider to measure their programs and products because of limited time, lack of resources and expertise, and no budget. Is this you? I help you define a theory of change, research and evaluation questions, recruitment, incentives, and templates like interview guides and surveys. I distill complex scientific concepts into simple and engaging information and communicate your evaluation work to your teams, communities, or funders. I analyze and write content that embeds scientific rigor in statistical concepts and design. 



Ever told yourself, is X solution what our community needs? Or what does our community want in terms of Y? I help you be more confident and connected to your communities using human-centered design frameworks, methods, and tools. I use interactive visual activities to generate participation and engagement with your communities in workshops and research and develop your team’s capacity and capabilities. I design playbooks and best practices to power share, center lived experiences, and advocate for your communities.



Managing a project is about managing a collective human experience.​ As a PMP-certified professional, I use agile and waterfall best practices to help you scope your projects from end to end, calculate project budgets and costs, and define the critical path from small to large and complex projects. In a failing project, I de-risk by uncovering the root causes of the challenges, aligning teams, and delivering actionable next steps. I also define change management processes to deliver high-quality work.


"Working with Elham is the single best thing we could have done to yield better outcomes and increase the impact of our project. Elham served in an advisory capacity, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge as an experienced HCD practitioner to help assist in drafting effective research plans. She was also instrumental in the development of impactful HCD Design Sprint facilitation tools, and she provided effective insights and guidance around data synthesis and analysis. I was particularly impressed by her ability to produce quality work, despite time constraints and managing other projects. This was a high-visibility project that will certainly influence the operational culture of our agency, and we can attribute these successes to our partnership with this amazing UX Researcher. Elham would be an asset to any project team. "

Andrea Ownbey

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Selected Clients

- Tyson Foods

- Nestle

- Stockpile

- Avocado Green Mattress

- US Digital Response

- New York State DoH

- Boston Scientific

- Bureau Veritas

- ICAP at Columbia

- City of Los Angeles

- Columbia University


- AmCham Bahrain

- United Vein Centers